Dory Tan

I consider myself a religious person. I studied in a Catholic School since elementary and Catholicism has been instilled since I can remember to remember. In all those times, we always prayed before and after every subject or class. There was also a class devoted to Catholic study (Religion, Christian Living or Religious Education). I would bet that there was never a day when I never prayed. Never. But that doesn’t mean that I believe in everything that was taught to me. In all honesty, I doubt religion per se, in this case, the Catholic religion which is the only religion I know. I question the bible. I question the words in the bible, I question its authenticity. I question God’s existence. I question Jesus. Yes I doubt almost everything, but I don’t doubt that there’s some thingie above us who will always be there to guide us, to shower us with blessings, to show to us his power in making everything wonderful. I guess that’s what you call faith.

I was invited to go to Marmora, Ontario without any knowledge of what the place is, of what is there, or of what we’re going there for. I was still half-awake (at 9:30 am!) when Ate Lina called me to get up and get ready for the trip out of town. As I was told that it was way over Silver Lake Park (about a 2hr drive from Ottawa), I requested not to drive for I don’t enjoy long drives.

The parking lot is already full of cars and buses at around 3pm. I was wondering why this many people? What is special about this place? Just looking at the sculptures and the stations of the cross, they were really simple and there was nothing special about them. It was then when they’ve told me that Marmora is actually a place of Marian apparitions. Add to that, it’s September 8 and the it’s the birthday of Mama Mary. They say that there has been a handful of individuals that has experienced the presence of the Blessed Virgin Mary while doing the stations of the cross. That some people has experienced the presence of the BVM with those specific individuals through the smell of roses or some weather happening like rain or snow or the sun dancing. When I hear stories like that, I don’t really believe them outright. It's really hard to trust anybody in this world now.

One person who have claimed to have private revelations with the Blessed Virgin Mary is Dory Tan. She was there and a lot of people try to go into her for her to offer some prayers for them. I was one of them. I do go with the flow. Hehe. I don't know but I didn't feel any thing. Not some presence or something. I do admire her patience in dealing with everyone who wants to have some piece of her. And she does have this aura of someone respectable.

I am not an expert on this so I don't have any opinion whatsoever whether what Dory has experienced were true or not. True or not, it does give out good effects/vibes on people. For me, it's the end that matters. I am for anything that promotes good karma.


The image above is the 10th station of the cross where Dory Tan claims to have one of her private revelations from the Blessed Mother

Read the list of reliable and unreliable marian apparitions here.
Read an evaluation about what the church has to say about Dory Tan's private revelations here.


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